Girls Night Out Gift Certificates

    Welcome to our Gift Certificate page. Here, you can submit a request for a Gift Certificate. NO CREDIT CARD INFO is taken here, we'll simply collect your contact info, your desired amount for a gift certificate, and give you options for delivery, etc.
    We'll contact you, review the options with you, figure out which option works besst for you, and process your payment. Once this is done, you tell us how you want to receive your certificate, as a gift delivered to someone directly, receive it yourself, or other options.
    You will receive a receipt for the amount paid, and confirmation number which will be applied when the certificate is redeemed.

    For gift certificate amounts, you can choose to pay for the entire amount, an amount to be credited to the total, or a deposit. The total amounts can vary slightly, depending on the type of event, any additional time/distance needed, and any other variations. Our prices are listed on our site, and we will go over them with you before accepting any payment, so you know the totals you can expect to pay if you want to purchase a certificate for the total cost of an event. In any case, we'll only charge the deposit up front, then apply that to the total cost the week of the event (if you purchase the total cost gift certificate).

Fill out these fields, submit, and we'll contact you asap

Our prices for Wine Tours:
group of 4: $130-$145 per person
group of 5: $115-$130 per person
group of 6: $110-$125 per person
group of 7/8: $110-125 per person
group of 9: $105-120 per person
group of 10: $100-$115 per person
group of 11: $95-$110 per person
group of 12: $95-$110 per person

Our prices ranges for Nighttime Events
- A party of 7 : $440.00 Flat Rate
- A party of 8 : $475.00 Flat Rate
- A party of 9 - 14: $52.00 Per Person

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